For reasons of secrecy and discretion, we cannot talk about our clients. Yet we want to explain a few successful cases of positive action.


An energy provider operating on a global scale wants to be prepared for a major incident threatening its reputation. In addition to introducing tested crisis management tools and structures, we develop a new messaging strategy allowing for effective damage control. It shows results during an actual accident.

SKILLS  Media Relations

A government in a threshold country needs better relations with its national press. Instead of creating classical PR campaigns, we offer media training for upcoming journalists and official press officers alike. They come together in a foreign training facility that helps mutual understanding and offers a fresh start.

ANALYTICS  Business Integrity

A financial consulting firm guiltlessly suffers a damaging involvement in a political scandal on another continent. Instead of using only legal advocacy, we opt for journalistic investigations into the case, enabling national media and justice to shift attention away from our client.


A national military wants to strengthen public support and trust by local media after years of a non-democratic regime. We advise several high-ranking officers in developing a public relations program on social media establishing transparency and communication with the public for the first time in decades.

COMMUNICATION  Change by culture

In a country with a strong ethnical tradition, a religious minority gets under political pressure due to hostile social media campaigning. By winning and funding a group of filmmakers it is possible to launch video content that becomes a change-maker in public opinion. Within two years the situation changes for the better.