Skip awareness. Change reality

What do you try to achieve? You want the public to trust you more? That media report more favorably about your projects? That your staff supports your new agenda? You are absolutely right. In a globalized and digitalized world, communication and public awareness have become ever more important. Consultants around the globe take care of this, offering remedies for the symptoms of a problem.

Yet awareness is not enough. People must change their actual behavior, too. Traditional marketing and advertisement techniques focus on claims, hashtags, logos and corporate identity alone. Our approach is based on a thorough analysis of the inner reasons why perspectives come to life and how they may alter. This is how we find your real target group and unfold a much stronger impact. Skip awareness, change reality.


A government in a threshold country needs better relations with its national press. Instead of creating classical PR campaigns, we offer media training for upcoming journalists and official press officers alike. They come together in a foreign training facility that helps mutual understanding and offers a fresh start. Positive or neutral reporting on public policy increases by 25%.