Insight is boring. Go for perspectives

Analyzing an issue means fully grasping what our client knows about his own problem, first. The art of listening is extremely important and might often be ignored by professional consultants. But then it also means to understand what he does not understand. Experience tells us that unresolved concerns often surfaced due to questionable perspectives and conclusions.

The solution may often be simpler than you thought. Because target groups, stakeholders, competitors, and even adversaries tell you themselves what is really going wrong. You just need somebody to ask the right questions in the right way. Everybody and every organization live in a bubble. We stick a needle in it, opening up new views and opportunities.


A financial consulting firm guiltlessly suffers a damaging involvement in a political scandal on another continent. Instead of using only legal advocacy, we opt for journalistic investigations into the case, enabling national media and justice to shift attention away from our client.