Some call them target group – We call them by their name

Classic communication targeting goes for familiarities, regional traditions, and values. It works with generalizations and knowledge from the past. The very idea to know what the average Indian, American or African would think or want has been on the heart of most decision making for centuries. Today we know that this was a theoretical gamble at best.

These times are over. Since we gather extensive information on individuals through social media and digital data, targeting of messages has become a different game. This does not imply that aggregated wisdom on peoples and stakeholders has lost face value. But it must be lined with much more information than before. We know how to do that.


A national military wants to strengthen public support and trust by local media after years of a non-democratic regime. We advise several high-ranking officers in developing a public relations program on social media establishing transparency and communication with the public for the first time in decades. Recent surveys show a 30% increase in public support for the military.